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Technology is a double edged sword – It’s a popular quote, but it’s half the story, part told part untold, even at a summary level.


While the benevolent edge of technology is genuinely more shining and gently called ‘disruptive’ when it cuts asunder the status quo in our society for a bright and better future, the malevolent edge seems more like a shadow reaction of the other, and is set into motion silently behind the glare of the other until its cumulative effect gains in enough strength to serve as a tipping point and calls for remedial action.


As holistic treatment is an increasingly louder cry to serve our health better today, so is all-encompassing development of our society to serve the humanity better. Leaving behind someone is leaving our overall prosperity behind.


        ‘He whom you are leaving behind is going to pull you behind’         

        – Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore


So while imagine we must to invent and reinvent, without empathy we cannot survive for long.


Science without humanity is potentially deadly. So is technology.


Today, we are all reaping immense benefit from technology. But at the same time, we all are feeling the pinch of it more often than not, at various levels – personal, family, community, and society at large. Before these pinches turn into punches, putting humanity at risk, cautionary and responsible minds, even while championing technology and innovation at their dizzying heights, have been coming out into the open with warnings against catastrophic dangers ahead if we do not become careful and act responsibly now.


It looks like revolution by technology and evolution of human mind are taking place side by side hand in hand. Isn’t it fantastic?!


Caught in the crossroads of this revolution and evolution, few imaginative minds in Canada and beyond dreamt of walking the rope again after advancing their career in information technology as globe-trotting IT professionals for past few decades, and formed a team called iValley Corporation to relive their career once more in empathy with those who have been waylaid by tech revolutions.


Sounds cowboyish? It may, because there is one thing in common between team iValley and the cowboys, and that’s courage, courage to think differently and go alone.


Do you smell adventure? We bet you do.


Welcome to the adventureland of iValley! Get, set, and be ready for magical safaris coming soon!

Our Mission

To imagine, innovate, and implement technology solutions with empathy.

Our Vision

To become a technology company with a difference, pursue for-profit but socially committed ideas, and implement products and services using technology with a focus on restoring and maintaining balance and harmony in the society at large.

Our Values

  • – Imagine without boundary
  • – Ideate without fear
  • – Nurture the positive
  • – Lead with empathy
  • – Decide with due deliberation
  • – Implement with due diligence
  • – Listen with care
  • – Utter with respect
  • – Have fun


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Sales and Marketing Professionals

This engagement will require building relationship with brick-and-mortar stores of all sizes – from corner stores to branded outlets. The candidates should have sufficient knowledge of retail landscape at their locations and beyond, and look for opportunities for business on a daily basis, close sales, and do necessary follow-ups and follow-throughs with the merchants, and carry out other related duties as and when assigned. (click View button for more...)